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ANTITHIGRAM for concert band

Antithigram by Jack Stamp. Hear streaming audio on this page. Suitable for high school and college bands, 4 3/4 minutes, Grade 4.

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Composer's Preface

Antithigram is coined from the words antithesis and program.

The work is bi-thematic -- the first theme comprised of eleven notes, the second (beginning at measure 63) more like a chorale in structure. A four-note tone cluster (B flat, C, F sharp, B natural) appears in the first measure, and subsequently appears as an arpeggiated ostinato (B flat, C, and F sharp, in orchestra bells and vibraphone) that underpins and adheres subsequent sections. After the themes are treated in a number of traditional ways (two-voice counterpoint, canon, chorale, and diminution) they are joined at measure 110 in a polychordal statement.

The work should be performed with energy, with special attention to a precise and lively style of articulation.

Antithigram was composed in the Summer of 1977 and premiered by the East Carolina University Symphonic Band in April of 1978 with the composer conducting.

Jack Stamp
East Lansing, Michigan
November 1986


1 Full Score
1 Piccolo
2 Oboe
2 Bassoon
1 Eb Clarinet
4 Bb Clarinet 1
4 Bb Clarinet 2
4 Bb Clarinet 3
2 Eb Alto Clarinet
2 Bb Bass Clarinet
1 Eb Contrabass Clarinet
1 Bb Contrabass Clarinet
4 Eb Alto Saxophone 1, 2
2 Bb Tenor Saxophone
1 Eb Baritone Saxophone
3 Bb Cornet 1
3 Bb Cornet 2
3 Bb Cornet 3
2 F Horns 1 & 2
2 F Horns 3 & 4
2 Trombone 1
2 Trombone 2
2 Trombone 3
2 Baritone, Treble Clef
2 Baritone, Bass Clef
4 Tuba
1 Timpani
1 Percussion 1 (Xylophone, Vibraphone, Bongos)
1 Percussion 2 (Orchestra Bells, Tambourine)
1 Percussion 3 (Chimes)
1 Percussion 4 (Snare Drum, Tambourine, Triangle)
1 Percussion 5 (Bass Drum, Tam-tam, Cymbal-susp.)

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Performance by the East Carolina University Symphonic Band, Jack Stamp, conductor.

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